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Built on top of 20+ years of expertise in face AI, in collaboration with acclaimed beauty brands and makeup artists, our solutions are tailored to perfectly meet the needs of cosmetic brands.

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Developed within our own research and development lab, our technology is rigorously tested and verified by makeup artists to ensure top quality and performance.

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Through continuous development, alignment with the latest market trends, tailored solutions, excellent support, and fair pricing – we are committed to your success.

Powered by world’s best face tracking

Virtual makeup try-on platform demo

Arbelle’s beauty AR is powered by our proprietary face tracking technology loved by 300+ brands worldwide. By tracking more than 150 facial landmarks, it ensures the perfect virtual makeup fit in real time.

Create a virtual makeup experience that feels just like looking in the mirror.

Virtual makeup try-on platform demo

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About Visage Technologies

Arbelle is powered by Visage Technologies – the leading provider of face tracking, analysis, and recognition technology since 2002. Our in-house R&D Center continuously develops computer vision innovations, providing 300+ clients worldwide with first-class face AR and AI solutions.