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2024 trends

Beauty AR is a must-have for leading brands

59% of consumers are more likely to buy products visualized through AR.

Consumers now consider digital tools, such as AR makeup try-on, an essential part of their shopping journey. They not only offer ease and convenience but are also a crucial step in making a buying decision.

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2/3 of makeup users are no longer fine with using in-store testers.


More than 90% of Americans currently use, or would consider using, AR for shopping.


Products advertised with AR content have a 94% higher conversion rate.


Explore our beauty AR solutions

Create an omnichannel virtual makeup experience

Create an interactive, personalized makeup experience for every customer on their favorite platforms.

Virtual makeup webshop

Website / webshop

Engage your visitors while they’re browsing your website or webshop and turn them into customers.

Virtual makeup try-on mobile application

Mobile application

Let customers explore your products anytime by making a virtual makeup try-on a part of your mobile app.

Virtual makeup for smart mirrors

Smart mirrors and tablets

Make in-store makeup sampling better and safer with smart mirrors or tablets powered by beauty AR.

Ensuring the perfect fit

Powered by #1 face tracking technology

Beauty AR is powered by FaceTrack – cutting-edge face tracking technology loved by 300+ brands worldwide.

Extremely fast and precise tracker detects 99 facial points and ensures the perfect AR makeup fit in real time, creating a mirror-like experience for every user.

FaceTrack supports any standard camera, ensuring the perfect user experience on all devices.

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Face tracking software
Beauty AI technology
From AR makeup to customer analytics

Turn makeup try-on into your sales and marketing hub

Arbelle is more than a virtual makeup try-on.

It can also be the perfect sales and marketing hub for your brand, providing priceless data that can help fuel your product recommendations, customer research, business strategies, and more.

  • Understand your customer demographics better and get insights into the latest trends with age and gender estimation.
  • Get a better picture of your customers’ satisfaction with emotion AI.
  • Create custom features or rely on our experienced team to build a custom solution for you.

Your #1 beauty AR partner

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    Perfect user experience

    Lightweight technology ensures smooth, real-time performance on all devices. Customers can experience your products virtually with any standard camera – it’s quick, easy, and immersive.

  • Realistic makeup icon

    Realistic makeup

    Advanced AR and AI technologies help create realistic virtual representations of physical products, empowering your customers to explore your products anytime, anywhere.

  • Makeup customizable icon

    Customization and support

    Show off your brand’s true colors – from AR makeup and UI to custom features. Our experienced team can help create a tailor-made solution that meets your exact business needs.

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Arbelle is powered by Visage Technologies. Since 2002, we’ve been the leading provider of face tracking, analysis, and recognition technology, powered by cutting-edge face AI. Our in-house Research and Development Center continuously works on computer vision innovations, building first-class AR and AI technology for more than 300 clients worldwide.