Release notes

2023-12-21 makeup|SDK 4.1.1

Platforms: HTML5, Android, iOS

  • Fixed bug where HideMakeup on mobile packages failed.
  • Fixed bug with missing texture field in features.json, causing the field to be nil and thus failing in serialization to Json on iOS package.

2023-12-15 makeup|SDK 4.1

Platforms: HTML5, Android, iOS

  • Upgraded to visage|SDK 9.1 stable release
  • Introduces face tracking feature for exposing data available from visage|SDK face tracker
  • Introduces a skin tone estimation that returns both the Monk class and the skin tone RGB value for the face in the given image. Estimation can be run in two modes, optimized for precision or performance.
  • Optimizes fidelity of lipstick feature based on having more facial landmarks
  • Added new eyebrows features: EyebrowsArchedIntense, EyebrowsArchedSoft, EyebrowsCombedIntense, EyebrowsCombedSoft, EyebrowsFlatIntense, and EyebrowsFlatSoft
  • Added new blush features: BlushOblong2, BlushOval2, BlushRound2, BlushSquare2, BlushRectangle2, and BlushHeart2
  • Added new contour features: ContourHeart2, ContourOblong2, ContourOvalHeavy2, ContourRectangle2, ContourRound2, ContourSquare2, ContourOvalLight, ContourOvalHeavy,  ContourOvalMedium, ContourRectangle, and ContourOblong
  • Added new highlighter features: HighlighterForeheadChin and HighlighterForeheadTemplesChin
  • Introduction of multi-license support for enabling virtual makeup, skin tone estimation, and/or face tracking functionality. Please see SDKProvider.GetProvider API documentation for more information.
  • Refer to the migration notes in the package documentation for more information

Platforms: Android, iOS

  • Resolution of the output image is scaled to match the screen view size

Platform: iOS

  • Added a new sample “MinimalSwift” as a demonstration of the makeup|SDK API compatibility and usage in Swift

2023-06-14 makeup|SDK 4.0

Platforms: Android, iOS

  • Fixed bugs in the rendering pipeline that caused unexpected behaviors such as green color on contour and highlight and white artifacts on eyeshadow

2023-02-14 makeup|SDK 4.0

Platforms: HTML5Android, iOS

  • Upgraded to visage|SDK 9.0 stable release
  • Deleted deprecated getStyles() method which is now replaced with GetFeatures()
  • Improved Mascara features by creating new, more realistic 3D mesh and textures
  • Improved the fitting of the Foundation, Contour, and Blush features to the face by using a more specific face model
  • Added a new color blend mode for Lipstick, LuminanceMixBlend, which takes the illumination of the lips into account in order to improve color accuracy and realism
  • Added a new Lipgloss finish specifically created to be used on the lips area
  • Added a new LipglossShimmer finish specifically created to be used on the lips area
  • Added a new Shimmer finish specifically created to be used on the lips and eyeshadow area
  • Added a new Glitter finish specifically created to be used on the lips and eyeshadow area
  • Added an extra rendering step, blurring, for some features (Foundation, Blush, Lips) to achieve a more realistic application
  • Added new Eyeliner features: EyelinerDoubleFlick, EyelinerRetro, EyelinerDoubleMod
  • Added new makeup trends features: EyebrowLine, EyelinerBox, EyeshadowVerticalInside, EyeshadowVerticalOutside, LipstickPetal, FacePaintOneSide, FacePaintTemples, FacePaintForehead

Platforms: Android

  • getFinishes() deprecated, GetFinishes() should be used instead