Live makeup try-on – photos or videos? Find the best method!


Live makeup try-on has revolutionized the beauty industry, providing an immediate and interactive way for users to see how different makeup products will look on their faces.

This technology has become a must-have tool for beauty and color cosmetic brands, offering unprecedented convenience and precision.

In this article, we’ll delve into the two primary methods for using a live virtual try-on: photos and real-time videos.

We’ll examine their effectiveness in delivering a live makeup experience, highlight their pros and cons, and guide you in choosing the best option for your needs.

Understanding real-time virtual try-ons

Real-time virtual try-ons leverage advanced technology to simulate the application of makeup on a user’s face in a very fast manner. It means processing every camera frame at 30 frames per second or faster. With it, virtual makeup is displayed correctly on every frame, without delay or lag, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

And this innovative approach has seen remarkable growth in recent years.

In 2024, the beauty tech market worldwide reached a staggering $8.46 billion in revenue. This rapid growth is impressive, considering that just a few years ago, the market was predicted to hit $8.9 billion by 2026.

Achieving this milestone ahead of schedule highlights the increasing demand for advanced beauty tech solutions like virtual try-ons.


Real-time try-ons use augmented reality (AR) to overlay makeup products on live videos, offering a realistic preview of how the makeup will look. This technology has revolutionized the way consumers shop for beauty products. Mainly because it makes it easier to find the perfect shade and style without ever visiting a store.

Arbelle’s virtual makeup try-on, for instance, uses cutting-edge AR technology to provide users with an immersive and interactive experience. With Arbelle’s beauty AR solution, users can see changes instantly as they apply different makeup products, making it easier to decide on purchases.

Moreover, virtual makeup products are extremely lifelike, giving the impression of looking into a mirror.

Now, let’s explore the best ways to use this live makeup try-on. Is it more effective by uploading a photo or using a live video stream? Find out below.

Using photos for virtual makeup try-ons

Photo-based virtual try-ons involve uploading a static image of the user’s face. The software then applies the selected makeup products to this photo.


  • Less processing power needed. This method is compatible with devices that have lower specifications, making it widely accessible.
  • Versatility. You can try the makeup on someone else’s face, which is particularly useful when buying a present for someone else.
  • Angle flexibility. Users don’t have to look directly into the camera for a photo. You can take photos from an angle, use them in the try-on, and see how makeup applies in that position.


  • Lack of interactivity. The image remains static, so users cannot see how the makeup changes in different lighting conditions or from various angles, which limits the experience.
  • Limited accuracy. The software may not capture the nuances of skin tone and texture as effectively as video-based try-ons.

Despite these limitations, Arbelle’s tool includes a photo-based try-on option for users who prefer a quick and straightforward way to visualize how makeup products will look on them. This feature is particularly useful for those who want an immediate overview without the need for real-time adjustments.

Photo-based try-ons are ideal for users who prioritize ease of use and quick results over interactivity and accuracy. Whether testing out new shades or simply having fun, this method offers a hassle-free experience that caters to all levels of beauty customers and enthusiasts.


Using videos for virtual makeup try-ons

Video-based try-ons use a live camera feed to apply makeup in real time.

This dynamic method provides a more immersive experience. It allows users to move, adjust, and see how the makeup looks from various angles and in different lighting conditions.


  • Dynamic interaction. Users can see the makeup in motion, providing a more accurate and lifelike representation. This feature is particularly beneficial for checking how makeup products perform under different lighting and from various angles.
  • Real-time adjustments. Due to its dynamic and interactive feature, users can make live changes and experiment with different products and styles, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Enhanced accuracy. The technology captures skin tones and textures more effectively, offering a realistic and precise look at how the makeup will appear in real life. This is crucial for finding the perfect shade and ensuring the makeup complements the user’s natural features.


  • Higher technical requirements. Older devices may struggle to handle the demands of real-time video processing, which might lead to lag, impacting the user experience. A stable internet connection is also needed to function smoothly.

Arbelle’s virtual makeup try-on excels in this area, offering a seamless video-based experience that adjusts makeup in real time as users move and change lighting conditions. This feature ensures that users get a highly accurate and interactive try-on experience, making it easier to decide on purchases.

The lifelike depiction of makeup products provided by Arbelle’s technology makes users feel as if they are looking into a mirror, significantly enhancing the shopping experience.

By leveraging the power of real-time video try-ons, Arbelle allows users to see exactly how products will look in their everyday environment, providing confidence in their choices and revolutionizing the way they shop for makeup.

This advanced feature is ideal for users who seek a comprehensive and realistic view of how their makeup will appear, making the investment in higher technical requirements worthwhile.

Choosing the best real-time virtual try-on solution

The best solution depends on individual needs and technical capabilities. For users wanting a more interactive and accurate experience, video-based try-ons would definitely be the way to go.

Arbelle’s virtual makeup try-on is designed with versatility in mind, catering to a diverse range of user preferences and technical requirements. By offering both photo and live camera feed options, Arbelle ensures that your brand can meet the needs of all your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing their confidence in product selections.

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Whether your customers prefer the quick convenience of photo try-ons or the dynamic interactivity of video try-ons, Arbelle’s solution adapts to deliver a seamless and engaging experience, driving higher satisfaction and loyalty.

By choosing Arbelle, you empower your brand with a powerful tool that can transform how customers engage with your products. And ultimately, this will lead to increased sales and a stronger market presence.

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