[NEW RELEASE] makeup|SDK 4.1s: Shade Finder and refreshed beauty features


The newest edition of our makeup|SDK 4.1s brings a completely new Shade Finder product together with revamped Contouring and Blush features where we’ve added 6 new types of combinations to cover each specific face shape. 

We’ve also refreshed the Highlighter feature, enabling even more expressiveness, and upgraded our Eyebrows with three new textures that will overlay your current brows and give you a nicely shaped brow look.   

Additionally, makeup|SDK 4.1s brings overall accuracy improvements with more landmarks on the eyebrow and lip regions, makeup texture stability due to reduced jitter, and enhanced fitting quality, which enhances the overall realism experience on the consumer’s end.

New Shade Finder module

Personalization is the key asset in any makeup application. So, to ensure the highest level of personalization, we present you our dedicated module for skin tone estimation and the Shade Finder module, the newest additions to our beauty AI tech offering. 


Based on the Monk Skin Tone scale with a clear focus on diversity – often missed by many foundation product lines – we trained our model to provide a reshaped approach to skin tone estimation with a 10-class model. And, with it, you can now include shade finder matching for your product lines.

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Revamped Contour, Blush, and Highlighter

Face shape estimation, appropriate application of highlighting and contouring products, together with perfectly fitted blush are getting all the hype in the social media conversation. 

With makeup|SDK 4.1s, you can now create appropriate contour and blush applications for each face shape: OvalOblongRoundHeartSquare, and Rectangle – all blending perfectly. 

Highlighter was further refreshed by adding two subtler options that cover the Forehead and Chin and one that covers the Temples, as well. This way, your makeup can be even more personalized for each specific face shape. 

New Eyebrow textures 

New textures are bringing more diversity and details to eyebrows, providing a real, curated look and feel. With the new makeup|SDK 4.1s, you now get an Arched texture for rougher and sharper looks, a Combed texture for fuller and waxed brows, and a Flat texture for more youthful tailing. 

All these textures come in two variants – soft and intense hair structures – so you can satisfy the needs of all your customers.

What else is new and improved in makeup|SDK 4.1s?

Of course, we didn’t forget about what’s ultimately important for you, so we worked on adding even more realism to AR rendering. We did this by:

  • Increasing the number of landmark points in the lip and eyebrow regions so we can provide you with more accurate rendering templates
  • Reducing jitter (as compared to makeup|SDK 4.0), allowing your makeup to stand out more than ever with true-to-life stability
  • Improving the fitting quality for initially rotated faces and introducing speed optimizations
  • Exposing face features for those customers who have a FaceTrack license
  • Tying the image output resolutions to the input image on mobile platforms

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