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shade finder AI

Provide foundation recommendations
based on the customer’s unique skin shade.

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Cutting-edge technology. Premium beauty experience.

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Leading inclusivity

AI-driven accuracy in matching every skin tone, ensuring tailor-made foundation fit.
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Universal compatibility

Optimized for all devices, delivering a seamless experience on any screen, anywhere.
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Perfect fit in real time

Realistic, instantaneous virtual foundation try-on experience, mirroring real-life applications.

3 easy steps to the perfect virtual foundation match

Arbelle’s virtual foundation matching technology makes it easy to discover the ideal foundation shade with a simple and user-friendly process:

  • 1 – Activate camera or upload a well-lit photo.
  • 2 – Get tailored product recommendations based on your skin tone.
  • 3 – Virtually try on the recommended products.
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The ultimate tool for beauty brands

Virtual foundation matching within seconds

Arbelle’s Shade Finder is designed to offer every customer a personalized foundation matching experience.

Our cutting-edge skin shade detection technology identifies each customer’s individual skin tone, enabling you to offer product recommendations that match your customers’ complexion.

  • Within seconds, customer can discover the perfect product fit from your foundation collection and try them on virtually.
Foundation shade finder
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Capitalize on inclusivity and accuracy

World’s first inclusive foundation shade finder

Shade Finder is the world’s first and only foundation shade finder based on the Monk Skin Tone Scale, ensuring unparalleled inclusivity.

The scale represents a diverse array of skin tones often overlooked in the beauty industry. It’s the cornerstone of our AI-driven virtual foundation match, guaranteeing a truly personalized experience for every single customer.

Innovate and lead

Boost market presence and customer satisfaction

Virtual foundation matching enhances market presence and customer satisfaction by streamlining the shopping experience, boosting conversion rates with personalized recommendations.

Plus, 76% of consumers prefer brands that offer such personalization, making it a valuable tool for building loyal customers who value precision and innovation in beauty solutions.

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