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Oriflame Makeup Wizard: Award-winning virtual makeup app

Client: Oriflame
Application: Virtual makeup try-on mobile application
Client: Oriflame
Application: Virtual makeup try-on mobile application

Over the years, we have been at the forefront of AI and AR innovations, paving the way for beauty brands to reimagine the way consumers explore, try, and buy beauty products.

And one of our crowning achievements was our collaboration with Oriflame for their award-winning Oriflame Makeup Wizard app.

Creating the app

Oriflame leveraged our advanced face-tracking technology to create a virtual makeup try-on experience for their The ONE brand. They chose it for its lightweight design, easy integration, and ability to track 99 facial landmarks in real-time. We’ve since upgraded it to over 100 facial landmarks.

This technology allowed users to virtually try on products like lipstick, mascara, blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadow using their phone’s camera. Then, after finding the perfect look, they could conveniently purchase their desired products straight from the app.

Adapting to the digital beauty consumer: Introducing Arbelle

This was just one of the many virtual try-on solutions powered by our technology. Recognizing the growing trend of consumers moving online, craving personalized experiences, Visage Technologies responded by introducing a specialized makeup|SDK. This facilitated beauty brands in creating highly personalized and engaging virtual makeup experiences.

The culmination of our two-decade journey, rich with collaborations and insights from visionary beauty brands, led us to introduce Arbelle.

An exclusive beauty AR brand, Arbelle embodies the perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge AR technology and revolutionary beauty exploration. Our focus on hyper-realistic product presentation and personalization empowers beauty brands to redefine the consumer experience.

➥ Benefits of embracing Arbelle:

    • Realistic colors.
      Replicate the exact color and shade of your products virtually, ensuring customers see the true beauty of your offerings.

    • Lifelike finishes.
      Showcase the unique characteristics of each product. Whether it’s a matte lipstick or a glossy eyeshadow, Arbelle captures it all.

    • Perfect fit.
      Experience a mirror-like reflection in real-time using any standard camera, making the virtual trial as close to reality as possible.

With the support of our dedicated in-house R&D Center, a team of industry experts, and beauty consultants, Arbelle by Visage Technologies aims to transform the beauty industry, propelling it into a new era of discovery, trial, and purchase.

► Find out more about the project and the collaboration here: Oriflame Makeup Wizard App.

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