Case Study

City Lab Cosmetics: Revolutionizing the virtual lipstick try-on experience

Client: City Lab Cosmetics
Application: Virtual lipstick try-on
Client: City Lab Cosmetics
Application: Virtual lipstick try-on

In an era where personalization is at the forefront, Arbelle and City Lab Cosmetics have come together to create a unique beauty experience for customers around the globe.

Through the implementation of Arbelle’s innovative AR technology, City Lab Cosmetics is redefining how their consumers interact with beauty products online.

This case study dives into City Lab Cosmetics’ endeavor to enhance its virtual lipstick experience, augmented by Arbelle’s state-of-the-art beauty AR solution.

City Lab Cosmetics: Milan’s pioneering personalized cosmetic brand

Nestled in the heart of Milan, City Lab Cosmetics stands as Italy’s first brand offering tailor-made cosmetics. Merging a store and an R&D laboratory, it paves the way for customers to craft their exclusive beauty products both in-store and virtually.

This holistic experience guides individuals through choosing desired finishes, shades, and scents, culminating in a product crafted in their specialized beauty lab.

As a visionary in the beauty industry, City Lab Cosmetics harbored the ambition to create an even more interactive and realistic virtual lipstick experience, thereby seeking technology that could turn this vision into reality.

Facing the challenge: Breathing life into virtual lipstick experiences

City Lab Cosmetics aimed to improve and boost their virtual lipstick experience. So, they envisioned a tool that could offer a live, realistic representation of how their tailored products would look on customers, transcending the barriers of geographical locations.

The goal was clear: to find a sophisticated AR tool that would not only enable a live, realistic virtual try-on but also inspire confidence in the customers about the choices they make while creating their personalized products.

The challenge was intricate, considering the dynamic nature of individual preferences in beauty products. But it also presented an avenue for remarkable innovation through technology.

Virtual lipstick transformation with Arbelle

Stepping into this project was Arbelle with our cutting-edge beauty AR solution that focuses on realism and precision.

Offering an array of benefits such as lifelike finishes, realistic colors, and a perfect fit achieved through FaceTrack technology, Arbelle promised a virtual try-on experience that could closely mirror the real physical experience.

What stands out with Arbelle’s AR solution is its attention to detail — an ability to replicate exact colors and shades virtually. It showcases unique product characteristics such as matte or glossy finishes, thereby promising a mirror-like experience through any standard camera.

Leveraging the FaceTrack technology — used and loved by over 300 brands worldwide — it maps over 100 facial points to enable a highly precise AR makeup fit in real time. This advanced technology promises a seamless integration into City Lab Cosmetics’ existing setup, resulting in a tailored solution meeting their exact business needs.

And what stood out, i.e. was important to City Lab the most, is that Arbelle provides a highly realistic and completely live experience, meaning that customers can try the lipstick any time and in real time.

And that is exactly what we achieved together. City Lab Cosmetics successfully launched their virtual lipstick experience where customers can try on and create their very own custom lipsticks.

You can see the final result here in the video:

“We would highly recommend your technology because we believe that AR in general – and particularly sophisticated tech such as Arbelle – could give a great boost to all e-commerce. We’re also very positively impressed by the professionalism of your team, and as we’re planning to launch the virtual foundation experience, as well, we think it could be a great new challenge for our partnership.”

– Silvia Capel Badino, COO, City Lab Cosmetics

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