#1 Beauty AR for
makeup brands

Empower customers and boost sales by virtually showcasing your products.

2024 trends

Beauty AR is a must-have for leading brands

59% of consumers are more likely to buy products visualized through AR.

Consumers now consider digital tools, such as AR makeup try-on, an essential part of their shopping journey and a crucial step in making a buying decision.

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2/3 of makeup users no longer want to use in-store testers.


More than 90% of Americans use, or want to use, AR for shopping.


Products advertised with AR have a 94% higher conversion rate.

True-to-life AR makeup
Visage section title shape

Showcase your products across channels

Create realistic virtual representations of real-life makeup products and provide the perfect fit, every time.

Virtual lipstick try on

Realistic colors

Replicate the exact color and shade of your products virtually.
Virtual lip gloss try on

Lifelike finishes

Show off the unique characteristics of each product, such as matte, glossy, etc.
Realistic virtual makeup

Perfect fit

Enjoy a mirror-like experience in real time using any standard camera.
Unparalleled beauty AR

Present your products virtually with stunning realism

Turn customers’ personal devices into virtual mirrors, empowering them to explore your products anytime, anywhere.

A personalized, hyper-realistic virtual makeup try-on lets customers see how different products would look on their face, helping inspire confidence and drive purchase decisions across channels.

Meet your customers needs

Capitalize on personalization

Customers are more likely to make a purchase when provided with a personalized experience.

Now, with Arbelle, you can:

  • Empower each customer with a personalized beauty experience.
  • Automatically identify makeup products that fit each person’s complexion and face shape.
  • Provide custom product recommendations for each customer.
Beauty AR personalization
Beauty AI technology
Improve satisfaction, minimize returns

Grow sales across channels

Turn your virtual makeup try-on into the ultimate sales and marketing hub for your brand.

Besides making product discovery and exploration easy and fun, it can also provide priceless data on customer demographics, emotions, and more, that can help fuel your product recommendations and business strategies.

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