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Makeup webshop
Hyper-realistic beauty AR

Virtual makeup try-on

Empower customers to explore your products anytime, anywhere by faithfully showcasing their color, texture, and finish. Such a personalized experience not only boosts their confidence but also drives purchase decisions across channels.

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Skin tone analysis

Virtual foundation shade finder

Our AI-powered shade finder analyzes customer’s skin tone and recommends the perfect product fit from your foundation collection.

Arbelle embraces inclusivity through the Monk Skin Tone Scale, helping your brand reach a diverse customer base and build trust.

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Virtual foundation shade finder
Customer analytics
AI-powered insights

Customer analytics

Transform your virtual makeup platform into a powerful sales and marketing hubs with customer analytics.

  • Access valuable insights about your customers’ demographics, emotions, and more, utilizing this data not only for tailored product suggestions but also to energize your brand strategies.
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Solutions tailored to your brand

Custom development

With over two decades of experience in computer vision, proprietary AI technology trusted by 300+ clients worldwide, and an in-house R&D lab dedicated to innovation, our team can help you brand thrive in the new beauty era.

If you need expert consultations, new features, or a completely customized solution, we’re here to support you at every stage of the journey.

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Virtual makeup demo
Face shape detector

Face shape finder

Face shape finder revolutionizes makeup discovery, empowering your customers to look their absolute best. After identifying customers’ face shape, it recommends products from your makeup line that perfectly complement it.

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