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True-to-life beauty AR

Hyper-realistic virtual makeup try-on

A virtual makeup try-on transforms customers’ personal devices – smartphones, tablets or computers – into virtual mirrors they can use to explore your makeup products anytime, anywhere.

The result? A personalized, hyper-realistic makeup experience that inspires confidence and drives purchase decisions across channels.

  • Faithfully showcase each product’s color, texture and finish in real time and create a personalized virtual makeup experience for each customer.
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Skin tone analysis

Virtual foundation shade finder

Imagine a shopping experience tailor-made just for you, based on your unique skin tone.

Our AI-powered shade finder makes this possible. In the blink of an eye, it analyzes your customer’s skin tone and recommends the perfect product fit from your foundation collection.

Arbelle embraces inclusivity through the Monk Skin Tone Scale, helping your brand reach a diverse customer base and build trust.

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Virtual foundation shade finder
Face shape detector

Face shape finder

Our AI-powered face shape detector revolutionizes makeup discovery for each user. It helps customers identify their face shape within seconds and then effortlessly find makeup products that complement their face shape.

Face shape finder only saves time but also ensures that your customers discover products that truly enhance their unique features, contributing to a personalized and satisfying beauty experience.

AI-powered insights

Customer analytics

Imagine walking into a beauty store and being greeted with a selection of products specifically chosen for your age group and gender. This is precisely what can be achieved through facial analysis combined with a virtual try-on solution.

Furthermore, you can leverage AI-powered emotion analysis to gain valuable insights into customer sentiments and promptly address their needs in real-time.

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Customer analytics
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Solutions tailored to your brand

Custom development

Whether you require research design, expert team advice, new feature development, or a completely unique solution, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

With over two decades of experience in computer vision, advanced proprietary technology trusted by 300+ clients globally, and a proven track record of successful custom projects, our team will bring your vision to life.

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