Verified by makeup artists: The world’s best foundation shade finder

by Ivona Androic

Recognizing the daunting challenges of finding the ideal foundation match, Arbelle has revolutionized the beauty industry with the pioneering Shade Finder.

Our solution has a deep understanding of diverse skin tones and uses cutting-edge AI technology to deliver unprecedented accuracy and inclusivity. And what’s more, our Shade Finder has been verified by professional makeup experts.

What does that mean and where do we base our claims?

Here’s a deep dive into what makes Arbelle’s Shade Finder an unparalleled choice and the best inclusive foundation shade finder on the market today.

Inclusivity at its core

  • Monk Skin Tone Scale: A fairer approach to inclusivity, capturing many thus far underrepresented skin tones.
  • Empowering all shades: Whether extremely light or deep dark, every skin shade is matched.

Arbelle’s Shade Finder is the world’s first virtual foundation match tool designed around the revolutionary Monk Skin Tone Scale. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone, especially those at the very light and very dark ends of the skin tone spectrum, can find their ideal match. By addressing these often-neglected categories, Arbelle ensures that every customer feels represented and valued.

Rigorous testing for unmatched accuracy

  • AI-driven analysis: Leveraging advanced algorithms for unmatched accuracy in skin tone detection.
  • Proven by real-life testing: Measured effectiveness across hundreds of products and diverse user testing.

To ensure the highest accuracy and reliability, Arbelle’s Shade Finder has undergone and continues to undergo extensive testing. Our process involves using the tool across hundreds of foundation products and testing with a diverse group of participants. We measure success through specific metrics such as match accuracy and satisfaction rates, ensuring that our tool performs exceptionally well across all variables.

Consistent performance in all conditions

  • Adaptable across various lighting conditions: Reliable matches under good natural and artificial lighting—say goodbye to mismatched shades.
  • Technological precision: State-of-the-art algorithms ensure color accuracy.

One of the unique challenges in finding the perfect foundation match is dealing with varying lighting conditions, which can significantly alter appearance. Arbelle’s Shade Finder is optimized for use in good natural and artificial lighting conditions, ensuring more accurate matches when lighting is controlled and balanced.

Professional endorsement

  • Makeup experts verified: Endorsed by professionals for its precision and adaptability.
  • Collaborative development: Crafted with input from professional makeup artists and color cosmetics brands to ensure it meets the practical needs of the beauty industry.

The effectiveness and innovation of Arbelle’s Shade Finder are not just claims—they are tested and verified by experienced professional makeup experts. Professionals who understand the nuances of skin tones and foundation matches have rigorously tested and endorsed our tool, solidifying its status as the top solution in the market.

Decades of expertise

  • Over 20 years of innovation: Pioneering AI technology tailored for beauty applications.
  • Dedicated R&D: Years so far spent perfecting the Shade Finder in our in-house lab.

With over 20 years of experience in face AI technology, Arbelle brings an unmatched level of expertise to the development of the Shade Finder. Additionally, years of focused research and development went into this specific product, conducted in our state-of-the-art in-house R&D lab. This extensive background highlights our commitment to continuous development and innovation, ensuring our technology remains at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Acclaimed by the market

  • Loved globally: Tested and embraced by major makeup brands and everyday users alike.
  • High user satisfaction: Consistently receiving positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and effective results.

The real proof of our Shade Finder’s success comes from the market itself. Tested and loved by globally renowned makeup brands, our tool has received outstanding feedback for its accuracy and ease of use. This positive reception underscores the trust and confidence that both consumers and professionals have in our product.

Ethical commitment to realism

  • Ethical standards: Focuses on showing all makeup features as realistically as possible.
  • Consumer empowerment: Promotes user confidence by offering choices that respect individual beauty and encourage self-expression.

At Arbelle, we prioritize ethical considerations in our AI development. Our Shade Finder focuses on providing a realistic representation of how different foundation shades look on your skin. This commitment to makeup realism ensures that users feel authentically represented and confident in their skin.

Seamless integration and customization

  • Flexible technology: Arbelle’s Shade Finder is designed for easy integration with existing systems, enhancing digital offerings for brands.
  • Custom development: We’re equipped to collaborate closely with brands for custom development, adapting and evolving our technology to meet specific needs and market demands.

Arbelle’s commitment to advancing beauty technology goes beyond just foundation matching. Our Shade Finder is engineered to seamlessly integrate with various platforms, ensuring flexibility for brands looking to upgrade their digital tools. Furthermore, the shade finder can be customized and expanded with a wider virtual makeup try-on to include a full spectrum of makeup products, as well as integrated with emotion and age analysis to unlock key beauty consumer insights.

Experience the difference: Try the best foundation shade finder yourself

Arbelle’s Shade Finder not only offers a seamless foundation match but also enriches the shopping experience with its user-friendly interface. Therefore, we encourage you to experience the benefits of Arbelle’s Shade Finder firsthand.

And here’s how to get the most out of it:

  1. Choose your environment: Try the Shade Finder in even natural light to see its performance.
  2. Explore your options: Use it to find recommendations for foundations and other makeup products.
  3. Enjoy the realism: Experience how well the matches integrate with your natural skin tone.

Embrace the future of beauty

The Arbelle Shade Finder is more than just a tool—it’s a testament to how technology can redefine beauty standards and make shopping for makeup a delight.

With its commitment to accuracy, inclusivity, and user satisfaction, Arbelle’s Shade Finder stands out as the definitive best foundation shade finder. Try it today to see why it’s the #1 choice of beauty brands, makeup artists, and beauty enthusiasts worldwide!

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Should you decide to fully integrate our solution, simply inform us, and we will assist you with upgrading your license to meet your specific requirements.

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