How to build a bulletproof beauty brand strategy with beauty AI

by Ivona Androic

In an industry where consumer expectations are ever-evolving, the necessity to build a robust beauty brand strategy has never been more critical.

And a strategy supercharged by beauty AI can be the bedrock of your beauty and makeup marketing – and your success.

How? By transforming virtual try-ons into potent sales and marketing hubs.

So here, we delve deeper into building a strategy that leverages AI technology to optimize consumer experience and foster unprecedented growth.

Transform your virtual try-on into a sales hub

➥ Increased reach 24/7

One of the most significant advantages of integrating a virtual try-on into your beauty brand strategy is the unprecedented reach it offers. It basically turns your platform into a sales powerhouse that operates round the clock, seven days a week.

The global accessibility that virtual try-ons provide ensures that consumers can indulge in a personalized shopping experience at any time of the day or night, breaking geographical and time barriers that were traditionally associated with brick-and-mortar stores.

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Customers can effortlessly explore and try on your range of products without feeling rushed, taking the time to make informed decisions. Furthermore, the ability to try products virtually at any hour reduces the pressure of immediate purchasing. This gives consumers the freedom to explore and return at their convenience, which often results in more substantial, well-considered purchases.

➥ High conversion rates

Virtual try-ons can significantly enhance customer engagement. They foster a shopping environment where customers can explore products best suited for them, leading to higher conversion rates. In fact, studies have shown that people are 2.4 times more likely to buy products after trying them on virtually.


Moreover, immersive experiences also give them confidence in their purchasereducing return rates by up to 64% and enhancing satisfaction.

Enhance your marketing for beauty industry through virtual try-ons

➥ Real-time trend monitoring

In an industry as dynamic and fast-paced as the beauty sector, being one step ahead can be the defining factor in a brand’s success. Real-time trend monitoring is not just a tool but a vital resource in the arsenal of a forward-thinking brand strategy.


By leveraging AI technology in virtual try-ons, brands can meticulously analyze the data collected during user interactions to identify emergent patterns and preferences.

For instance, if a particular shade of lipstick or eyeshadow style sees a sudden spike in virtual try-ons, it can signal a burgeoning trend. Similarly, integrating feedback and reviews from the virtual try-on platform can give you firsthand insights into consumer reactions to different products, helping you respond swiftly to changing market dynamics.

➥ Product recommendations

Beauty AI takes product recommendations to the next level through personalization.

By meticulously analyzing an individual’s facial features, skin tones, and preferences logged during virtual try-ons, beauty AI crafts recommendations that are in tune with the unique needs and desires of each customer.

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This sophisticated level of personalization means that consumers are presented with products that not only complement their physical features but also align with their personal style, hence fostering a shopping experience that feels both personal and delightful.

Moreover, the system smartly identifies opportunities for cross-selling, suggesting products that pair well with the items consumers are interested in. This could be recommending a blush that complements a lipstick or a lipstick that complements a particular skin tone, enhancing the overall look and, simultaneously, encouraging customers to purchase additional products.

Leverage customer analytics for your makeup marketing

➥ Market segmentation

In today’s data-driven landscape, customer analytics emerges as a pivotal tool in refining your beauty brand strategy. It offers an avenue to delve deeper into the preferences and behaviors of different market segments.

So, for example, by integrating face analysis with your virtual try-on, you can unlock a treasure trove of data. This analysis involves analyzing customers’ age and gender data meticulously, offering a nuanced understanding of your customer demographics.

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This deep insight into customer demographics equips you with the knowledge to create highly targetedpersonalized offers and marketing campaigns. It helps you understand the popularity of different products among various demographics, thus guiding your marketing strategies, product development, and enhancing not only sales but also customer experiences.

➥ Customer satisfaction

Delving deeper into customer analytics, the integration of emotion analysis stands as a formidable tool in the current technological landscape. This facet of face analysis technology can help brands gauge the real-time reactions and emotions of users as they interact with different products during a virtual try-on session.


Analyzing facial expressions and responses allows brands to gain an immediate understanding of customer sentiments. This offers unprecedented insight into their immediate reactions to different products and looks.

The real-time analysis means that brands can identify and address concerns instantly, adapting and fine-tuning their strategies in response to live feedback from users.

The Arbelle advantage

Arbelle stands tall as a flexible and reliable solution, adaptable to meet the distinctive needs and objectives of each brand.

It offers an array of features that are designed to provide a seamless and enriched user experience, including:

  • True-to-life digital representations: With the Arbelle virtual try-on, you can create vivid digital replicas of physical products, bringing out the fine nuances of each item.
  • Real-time visualization and fitting: Beauty AR allows your users to instantly visualize different looks and get a perfect fit in real time, leveraging face-tracking technology that detects 100+ facial points.
  • Intuitive integration: You can easily incorporate Arbelle into iOS, Android, and HTML5 applications, promising optimal experiences with minimal user input.
  • Customizable features: Our team can develop unique features that cater specifically to your brand requirements and makeup products.

By partnering with Arbelle, you unlock a realm of opportunities! You’re stepping into a space where technology meets beauty, fostering unparalleled user engagement while staying true to the essence of your products.

Build up your brand with Arbelle

In conclusion, a beauty brand strategy powered by Beauty AI is the cornerstone to creating a brand that not only meets but exceeds consumer expectations. From leveraging virtual try-ons to becoming a potent sales and marketing hub to utilizing real-time trends and analytics to stay ahead in the game, the possibilities are endless.

We can safely say that venturing into the realms of AI-powered marketing for the beauty industry is no longer a choice but a necessity.

It is time to embrace the future of makeup marketing with open arms. It is time to build strategies that are not just bulletproof but are also visionary, championing a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and incredibly beautiful.

And Arbelle is here to help you on that journey, so don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how!

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