Arbelle at Cosmoprof 2024: Explore the latest beauty AI innovations

Join us at Cosmoprof Bologna 2024, the benchmark event for companies and professionals in all sectors of the cosmetics industry, where innovation takes center stage.

From March 21 to March 23, visit us in the Beauty Tech Area, Hall 14. Swing by booth B26-C27 to meet our friendly team and explore live demos of cutting-edge beauty AR and AI technology.

Here’s what you can explore at our booth.

Hyper-realistic virtual makeup try-on

Research has shown that beauty consumers are increasingly shifting online, seeking personalized makeup experiences, and embracing digital tools as a crucial step in their buying journey.

That is why, here at Arbelle, we’re dedicated to pioneering hyper-realistic virtual makeup experiences that take the discovery, trial, and purchase of beauty products to a new level.

Our beauty AR technology transforms customers’ personal devices, such as smartphones, into virtual mirrors, enabling them to virtually try on your products. Our technology boasts unparalleled realism, faithfully replicating your products’ colors, shades, textures, and other unique attributes.

Integrating a virtual makeup try-on into your online store, mobile application, smart mirrors, and in-store solutions empowers your customers to easily explore your products anytime, anywhere.

World’s first inclusive foundation shade finder

Arbelle has recently launched the world’s first and only inclusive Foundation Shade Finder. It analyzes each customer’s skin tone and provides the perfect product recommendations from your foundation collection.

This innovative tool is based on the Monk Skin Tone Scale, which covers a wide array of human skin tones. It’s designed to bring a level of accuracy and personalization to finding the perfect foundation shade that’s never been seen before in the beauty industry.

By using Shade Finder, you’re not only providing a simple solution for finding the perfect foundation shade. You are also embracing a more inclusive and personalized approach to beauty.

No more frustrating trial-and-error when it comes to finding your perfect match. With our Shade Finder, it’s now a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Personalized product recommendations

76% of consumers are more likely to buy products when they’re offered personalized recommendations and experiences.

Here at Arbelle, we’re at the forefront of revolutionizing personalization in the beauty industry. Powered by the latest computer vision and AI technology, our solutions revolutionize the approach to customer engagement and satisfaction.

Tailored product recommendations based on customers’ facial features, skin tone, face shape, and more, enable brands to create experiences that deeply connect with individual preferences, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Meet us at Cosmoprof 2024

With an in-house research and development lab, Arbelle remains focused on pushing the boundaries of beauty technology. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating unparalleled beauty experiences for cosmetic brands looking to offer a personalized, engaging, and authentic virtual makeup experience.

Choosing Arbelle as your beauty technology provider means choosing a partnership that values quality, innovation, and customer success above all.

Join us at Cosmoprof to learn more about our pioneering solutions:

  • March 21 – 23, 2024, Bologna, Italy
  • Hall 14, Booth B26 – C27

Get in touch to set up a meeting, or stop by our booth at Cosmoprof 2024.