Beauty brand differentiation: Leveraging personalized virtual beauty experiences for superior cosmetics marketing

In an era where the beauty industry is continually flooded with countless new brands, the need for cosmetics companies to differentiate themselves has never been greater.

And what better way to do that than by investing in AI-driven virtual beauty experiences?

Let’s face it.

Cosmetics marketing is slowly entering a realm where beauty AR is no longer just a flashy new addition. These days, AR and AI possibilities are endless, and to stay ahead of the curve, it only makes sense to utilize its many benefits and appeal to a whole new set of customers.

But, instead of flooding them with endless options, why not provide a buyer’s journey that caters to all of their specific needs?

After all, according to a recent study, by 2025, as much as 75% of the global population and almost all smartphone users will become frequent users of AR.

Evidently, personalization through beauty AR is becoming a critical component in successful brand positioning.

In this article, we uncover how leveraging personalized virtual beauty experiences will help your beauty brand stand out while staying one step ahead of the competition!

The evolution of the contemporary beauty landscape

Beauty-tech-contemporary beauty landscape_Arbelle

These days, the beauty industry is about so much more than just creating top-tier products.

Obviously, that’s a must, but with so many brands offering similar product lines, it’s becoming apparent that the need to stand out in a sea of competitors has become crucial.

Now, personalization in beauty can take various forms. But what we’re talking about here is none other than embracing virtual beauty experiences.

Leveraging the benefits of AR (augmented reality) will not only improve customer experience but also significantly improve their overall satisfaction with your products.

AR technology is convenient as customers have the opportunity to try your products from the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, it can educate them on various makeup and skincare products and how to use them.

It’s safe to say that investing in virtual beauty experiences is likely to give you an edge over other brands in the beauty industry, not to mention better your overall business performance.

Here are some of the ways this can be done.

Understanding virtual beauty experiences

When we talk about personalized virtual beauty experiences, we’re talking about AI and AR-powered technology that allows consumers to experiment with a brand’s products in real time.

This can be done using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Essentially, it scans a buyer’s face, maps out their features, and ensures that the products they’ve chosen can align seamlessly.


As technology advances, these beauty experiences are becoming a key component in cosmetics marketing as they can do wonders for your brand’s digital strategy and set your brand apart.

We’ve already established that the evolution propelled by AI (artificial intelligence) is anything but just a passing industry trend.

Beauty tech companies are already starting to invest in sophisticated AR and VR tools that will help their customers make educated purchasing decisions, while at the same time reducing waste.

Beauty AR provides unique avenues for brands to differentiate themselves and take their customer experience to a whole new level.

Now, let’s delve deeper into how this can be done.

➥ Personalized virtual makeup experiences

One of the most evident benefits of AR in the beauty sector is the ability to create tailor-made experiences for each individual user.

  • Understanding user preferences: AI can offer completely personalized product recommendations based on user behavior, skin tone, face shape, age, gender, and more. What does this mean for your brand? Well, instead of providing a mere generic suggestion, your consumers will receive specific product recommendations that are perfect for their taste, thus increasing the likelihood of a purchase.
  • Real-time customization: Aside from being able to understand your consumers’ individual preferences, with AI, you also get real-time interaction! Let’s say a buyer is on the lookout for the right foundation. The technology can analyze their skin tone and immediately recommend the ideal shade by eliminating guesswork and making their shopping experience that much more efficient!

➥ Innovative approach to product testing

AR makeup try-ons are revolutionizing the beauty game, largely thanks to the blend of innovation, convenience, and their eco-friendly approach.

  • Hygiene and safety: Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has become a bit more hygiene-focused. And rightfully so. Well, one of many great virtual makeup try-on benefits is that they eliminate the need for shared product testers! This means your consumers can get the perfect try-on experience without ever needing to use physical testers.
  • Remote access: Understandably, sometimes, buyers just don’t have enough time on their hands to visit a physical store. Luckily, with virtual makeup try-ons, they don’t need to. Instead, they get to test all your products fully remotely. This means your brand will inevitably reach a wider audience while streamlining the entire process. Sounds like a win to us!

➥ Engaging product launches

In cosmetics marketing, it’s all about creating a unique, unforgettable experience when launching your new product. That’s really the only way to attract and retain new customers.

You want to differentiate yourself from the competition and set your brand apart, which is exactly what you’ll get with AI-powered campaigns.

  • Interactive campaigns: AI can help your brand come up with incredible AR campaigns where your prospective buyers can virtually interact with your product. For example, let’s say you’re launching a new blush palette. Consumers will be able to try out the shade and get a good feel of your product long before it hits the shelves!
  • Amplified buzz: Not only will this type of launch offer a firsthand experience for the customer, but it is also likely to create a lot of buzz on social media. Satisfied users might opt to share their great experiences online, resulting in organic brand promotion, product awareness, and eager anticipation.

Arbelle by Visage Technologies: Leading the way in AI solutions

It’s been reported that more than 90% of Americans currently use or would consider using AR for shopping!

As the beauty industry is entering the AI and AR-powered realm, we at Arbelle are leading the way and helping beauty brands follow that path. How?

With a realistic, customizable, and intuitive make-up try-on that looks amazing in real time due to our top-notch face tracking.

With our state-of-the-art technology and unmatched solutions, your customers can get a virtual try-on that offers a seamless experience.

Here are some of the many advantages our technology offers:

➥ Impeccable precision

Our Arbelle team leaves nothing to be desired. We are highly committed to precision, which is why you can always count on:

  • Tailored results: Unlike some other virtual try-ons, Arbelle does things a bit differently. We use advanced algorithms to ensure that there is no static overlay during the virtual makeup try-on. Furthermore, our technology takes note of your unique facial features and skin tone to provide you with a realistic rendition of how a particular product would look in real life.
  • Dynamic interaction: Since the beauty AR experiences let consumers interact in real time, they get to see how well the product holds up under different facial expressions and movements. This type of dynamic interaction may offer the customer a confidence boost and nudge them toward making a purchase.

➥ Enhanced user engagement

Arbelle isn’t just a state-of-the-art tool, it’s a whole experience!

Since customers aren’t limited to just a single product, this means they can mix and match various products, experiment as much as they want, and turn the virtual try-on session into a fun experience.

Precisely this type of interaction will be the game-changer that will keep buyers engaged, prolong their sessions, and with a little bit of luck – boost purchases.

AR makeup try-on for higher reach_arbelle

On top of that, these virtual sessions can easily become something that users decide to share on social media, perhaps even become brand ambassadors!

After all, these shared moments are genuine testimonials of your product’s quality, which can lead to many organic marketing opportunities for your brand.

Real-world impact: Improved sales and brand loyalty

phygital beauty_online-and-offline-shopping_Arbelle

Virtual try-ons are slowly but surely changing things in the beauty sector. It’s been reported that brands who invest in them see a whopping 64% fewer returns

You see, when buyers purchase with confidence, knowing firsthand that the product is right for them, it means spending fewer resources on refunds, shipping, as well as packaging costs when the product is sent back. As simple as that.

That way, you can focus on building a sustainable, trustworthy brand, boosting your sales, and most importantly – strengthening brand loyalty.

Embracing the virtual for tangible success

It’s no secret that these days, beauty brand differentiation in cosmetics marketing relies heavily on the experiences brands are willing to offer.

We’ve now seen that in this digital landscape, virtual beauty experiences led by companies such as Arbelle, are no longer just a trend that’s likely to pass. It’s a necessity to thrive in this competitive market.

By harnessing the vast potential of what AI offers and investing in innovative technologies like AR and AI, beauty brands are now able to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of their customers.

If you, too, want your brand to continue on the trajectory toward differentiation and growth, be sure to get in touch with us, and we’ll help you get started!

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