How to leverage AR in e-commerce to elevate your beauty brand


In an age where technology continuously reshapes our shopping experiences, augmented reality (AR) emerges as a cutting-edge tool that’s transforming the e-commerce landscape.

Though it might seem like a concept reserved for futuristic fantasies, the truth is AR has already woven itself into the fabric of daily life for over 90% of Americans who use it for shopping.

And it now serves as a vital bridge connecting the visual appeal of physical retail with the convenience of online shopping.

Now, let’s delve into the world of augmented reality and explore how it’s revolutionizing the retail journey from a mere transaction to an immersive sensory adventure.

What is AR shopping (not)?

Imagine the ability to try products with the same confidence as an in-store experience but within the comfort of your own home.

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This is the promise of AR in e-commerce. A promise that transcends the traditional barriers of online shopping by allowing you to visualize products in real time and space.

So, as we peel back the layers of AR’s capabilities, we uncover a dynamic shift in consumer interaction, where trying on a lipstick no longer requires a trip to the store.

We can, therefore, define AR as technology that augments real-life experiences with digital components, such as images, animations, or information. And it does this through devices like smartphones, tablets, or specialized AR smart mirrors.

➥ And AR shopping is, therefore, a retail experience that allows customers to virtually try out or preview products in their own space or on themselves before making a purchase.

And to answer the question of what AR is notAR is not VR (virtual reality).

Because, while virtual reality (VR) creates an entirely artificial environmentAR enriches the existing environment, the real world, and overlays new information on top of it.

For VR, you would require a headset to replace your vision entirely, and AR, on the other hand, can be accessed with a smartphone or AR glasses. AR adds to the reality you see rather than replaces it.

And this makes AR far more accessible and suited for widespread use in e-commerce.

By the numbers: The impact of AR in e-commerce and in general

Augmented reality isn’t just reshaping the shopping experience; it’s setting new benchmarks in customer engagement.


Engage with AR, and you’ll see your engagement rates soar by an incredible 200% – that’s twice the engagement of non-AR counterparts.

For the beauty industry, where visualization is key, AR turns ads and products into interactive sessions that captivate, inform, and increase the time a customer spends with a brand.

And this then reflects in your conversions, as well. Beauty brands that blend AR into the customer journey see conversion increases of up to 90%. This isn’t just anecdotal; heavyweights like Shopify are backing up these figures, signaling a future where 3D and AR are not just options but essentials.

Yet, in a digital landscape brimming with potential, only 15% of online retailers have embraced AR. And this is your cue: adopt augmented reality e-commerce, and you’ll gain a competitive edge in the beauty arena marketplace.

How and why is AR in e-commerce used?

✧ Virtual try-on: The new norm in online shopping

Virtual try-on solutions, such as Arbelle, stand at the forefront of AR’s integration into e-commerce.

We’ve all had that moment of disappointment when an exciting makeup purchase doesn’t live up to expectations. Much like the stunning item that caught our eye on a mannequin but looked entirely different in reality.

Arbelle mitigates such risks, assuring customers that what they see is what they get.

A sophisticated makeup simulator, such as Arbelle, with instantaneous real-time rendering, allows customers to see themselves wearing a variety of beauty products, mirroring an in-store experience without stepping foot outside their home.

Such interactive tools are essential in boosting conversion rates.

Shoppers are more confident and less likely to return products, as the AR-powered ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience ensures the shade, texture, and style of makeup is just right, leading to a more satisfied and assured consumer. And so the fear of ‘will this look good on me?’ becomes obsolete.

✧ Social media filters and the rise of social commerce

AR has also penetrated social media, turning platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat into innovative marketplaces brimming with interactive shopping experiences.

Social media filters, bolstered by AR, can display how a product might look in the real world and instantly direct users to purchase points within the appproviding a seamless path from discovery to purchase.

So, the biggest advantage of using AR filters and social commerce is the fact that users don’t have to leave the app at any moment during the process.

That’s exactly the kind of convenience that the modern consumer seeks. Virtually testing the products, making purchases, and having fun while doing it – all without leaving the app – is what it’s all about.

And with Arbelle’s AR capabilities, your brand can jump on that bandwagon, as well, ensuring that products are just a click away from potential customers’ stories and feeds.

✧ AR-powered user guides

AR technology enhances the in-store experience, as well, by serving as an interactive guide.

Through apps powered by AR, customers can scan products to reveal detailed information, tutorials, ingredient lists, usage recommendations, and even user-generated content. This not only informs but also entertains customers, making for a richer in-store journey.

✧ Gamification in the retail space

Gamification through AR can significantly enhance both in-store and online experiences. This could involve AR treasure hunts in physical stores, or virtual games that reward users with coupons, discounts, or product recommendations. It is a clever strategy to boost customer engagement, entertain them, and incentivize purchases.

The benefits of using AR in e-commerce for beauty brands

✔ Enriching customer engagement

AR’s interactive nature keeps users engaged longer than traditional online shopping methods. For instance, Arbelle’s try-on experiences have been crafted to capture the user’s attention, ensuring that customers stay connected with the brand as they explore different products.

AR in e-commerce_enhanced engagement_Arbelle

✔ Cultivating brand loyalty

By offering a personalized shopping experience through AR, brands can foster a stronger emotional connection with their customers, which is crucial for building loyalty. And with solutions like Arbelle, beauty brands can offer unique experiences that foster brand loyalty over time.

✔ Expanding the customer base

With AR shopping, brands tap into a wider audience, including younger generations and those seeking innovative shopping methods. Arbelle’s virtual try-on solution can be the feature that distinguishes a brand in a crowded market.

Did you know? Gen Z clocks in approximately 10.6 hours a day online and 93% actually want to use AR for shopping.

✔ Driving up conversion rates

Augmented reality e-commerce platforms are seeing higher conversion rates as customers gain confidence in their purchases through virtual try-ons. Arbelle’s solution can significantly enhance a buyer’s decision-making process, leading to more definitive and satisfying purchases.


✔ Reducing product returns

By enabling customers to preview products on themselves, augmented reality online shopping experiences minimize the likelihood of returns. Accurate representations of products help ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases, reducing the hassle and cost of returns.

Did you know? Research shows that when using a virtual try-on solution, brands can experience up to 64% fewer returns.

✔ Embracing an omnichannel approach

AR facilitates a seamless omnichannel experience, where digital and physical shopping realms coexist. Brands like Arbelle can bridge the gap between online and offline worlds, providing a consistent and comprehensive shopping journey.

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Join the new frontier in e-commerce – AR shopping

Incorporating AR into your beauty e-commerce strategy, particularly through advanced solutions like Arbelle, promises an innovative edge.

Not only does it align with the growing trends of augmented reality online shopping, but it also paves the way for a more dynamic, personalized, and engaging customer journey.

As AR technology evolves, the potential for creating unique and memorable shopping experiences is virtually limitless, setting the stage for beauty brands to redefine the retail landscape.

And why not start today? Just reach out to us and we’ll help you create personalized, interactive, and enjoyable shopping experiences. Together, we’ll create a marketplace where imagination meets reality, and purchasing becomes a part of the adventure!

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